“Are we there yet?  Are we there yet?”

The infamous words that have made parents shudder and stress from all over the world.  They’ve made movies about those words and, I imagine, have brought humour and heartache to many a 10 minute + journey!  Or, in our case, it’s just; “Out, out, out!!”

Yet still, we drive on!  And, we’ll do it again and again because ultimately the memories that you make – the sandcastles you build, the rivers you splash in, the dust that they wear and the mountains that you’ve all climbed, were all achieved at the end of that road…

And that’s how ‘a roaming home‘ was born, so Welcome!

My name is Laura, I am a Mom of two wonderful little girls. When I’m not on maternity (which my colleagues will say is all the time!) I moonlight as a Primary School teacher.

My husband, Paul, is an outdoor instructor so he spends his time in God’s playground: climbing mountains, descending ravines, plummeting depths and returning home to do it all again- as Daddy!

Paul and I have always loved to travel (I know it’s a cliche) but we’ve had a heart for it, for, forever! And, we have learned so much from it!  As time progressed, the children came along and it just made us more determined to give Nabbie (*our 2 year old) and NuksNuks (*4 month) a holistic, and fulfilling life experience, where the world became their classroom!

In terms of Geographical remit, we’ve yet to travel long-haul with the kids and we are by no means ‘highly experienced travellers’ but by the time Nabbie was 5 months, she’d visited 10 different nations and not even stepped on a plane!  We’d travelled completely by road our home, roamed around Europe and we believe it to be the easiest form of travel with a young family.

Moving forward 2 years and NuksNuks was born, and you can’t give to one without giving to the other, right? So now, we’re back on #Round2 and doing it all over again!!

I hope you enjoy our website and our blogging anecdotes, please feel free to leave us comments or check us out through our other media platforms as this is an adventure we want you to be a part of!

So let’s see the nations, one country and one road at a time – let the journey begin…!

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  1. Thanks for note on windscreen at Nordlingen. We were Brit couple who reversed you in the town and stayed on stelleplatz and also beeped at you in a lay-by on the Romantic road. Happy travelling

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